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Did someone foresee or plan the vaccine-induced Holocaust? Genocide-worshipping Stonehenge erected in Georgia in 1980

Currently, the world’s population is approaching eight billion, but that number can easily be brought down to about 15 percent of that, or 500 million, if about 2 billion more doses of Covid vaccines are injected into the populace. So far, over 4 billion blood-clotting jabs have been stuck into the arms of humans, with about 40 million more injections happening every new day, mostly in the developed world. Several billionaires around the world support the “global reset” and have funded their “weapon of mass destruction” – the Covid vaccines that were made to supposedly combat the lab-manipulated animal viruses they’ve had scientists concoct, that garner “gain of function” ability to attack humans and spread among them.

This evil “Nazi-style” hope of reducing the world’s population by 85 percent has also become popular among people who worship the devil, money, power and control. Now it’s even carved into massive slabs of polished granite, called the Georgia “Guidestones,” where inscribed in the igneous rock are directions for rebuilding civilization after the vaccine-induced apocalypse that Bill Gates brags about at TED conferences.


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