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French president Emmanuel Macron just suspended the rule of law and declared an all-out war against human rights, making the vaccine passport MANDATORY in France. Starting on July 21st, the EU Digital Covid certificate will be required to gain entry into all cultural venues, cinemas, theaters and concert halls. On August 1st, the digital vaccine passport will become mandatory for all cafes, shops, restaurants, trains and planes. The people must rise.

This assault on human freedom and human dignity is part of a diabolical plan to force subservience to false gods and false authority, coercing submission to digital surveillance, bodily requirements, medical experimentation and a future of population control and permission-seeking from an all-powerful world government. Anyone who doesn’t submit to harmful spike protein injections now will be punished with perpetual segregation and discrimination. This is about absolute control over your mind, your behavior, your future and your children’s future. Those who rise for justice and human freedom now will be christened to a future of dignity and honor.


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