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What’s next, DAILY Covid vaccines for variants and boosters?

Is everybody ready to get dangerous, blood-clotting mRNA jabs at least three times a year, or more? Wait, you didn’t know that “fully vaccinated” only means you’re partially protected for 4 months? Time to look at the science, real close, and start weighing out risk versus benefit, because from over here where natural health advocates stand, it’s nothing but risk, without any proven safety or benefit. Take a look at the most recent Pfizer jab “efficacy” findings, which should now be referred to as “non-efficacy.”

New research conducted to see if the Pfizer China Flu vaccine really even works revealed that it barely does, waning almost immediately, after just 4 to 6 weeks, to a next-to-useless 16 percent efficacy. That’s after the victim is “fully vaccinated” with the second dose of gene therapy for the Fauci virus. Meanwhile, the mRNA has recoded your cells and instructs them to create trillions of miniscule sticky spike proteins that mimic a deadly virus and clot your blood, all the way down into your capillaries.


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