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A Health Impact News subscriber from the UK emailed me today, heartbroken over some of the stories we have covered with people taking the COVID-19 injections and suffering horrible disabilities.

He shared that he read about research in Australia using the enzyme bromelain, derived from pineapple, and its success in destroying the “spike protein in COVID-19,” and decided to try using it as a therapy with an elderly woman who had received two COVID-19 injections and was now “magnetic.”

I want to try and give some hope but I don’t know how well this will work but it is worth trying!!!

After learning Australian Scientist had discovered how to destroy the “natural” covid-19 protein spike using pineapple enzyme (Bromelain), I wondered if it would help a double “Vaccinated” person – vaccinated is in inverted commas because legally these jabs do not meet the definition of a vaccine.

I know an elderly person who is a close friend of mine who ended up Magnetic after these shots.

I talked her into taking the Pineapple enzyme as I seen what the Australian Scientist claimed to have discovered and thought logically it may work with the “Vaccine” as the spike protein was programmed to use our bodies to produce the spike protein to help produce a response via our immune system.

After taking this for just over a month she is now to my surprise no longer magnetic as I retested her!

Hope this can help! Take care and God Bless and the best of luck if this can work.

Being familiar myself with bromelain, having used it as a digestive enzyme for years, since the days I lived in the Philippines back in the 1990s, I decided to look this up and see if I could find the research this person was referencing.


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