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The year is 2021. Government goons are going door to door in the United States, armed with guns and blood-clotting vaccines, that have all been declared a “medical experiment.” No, it’s not Orwell’s 1984 or September of 2001, it’s 2021. This is like terrorism, but it’s medical terrorism, and instead of flying planes into buildings and killing 3,000 people, they’re walking a team to your front porch, to slow-kill by the millions. Just as terrorists used planes on 9/11 as weapons of mass destruction, the Biden administration is using toxic vaccines, and over 9,000 people have already died from these Covid jabs, in case you haven’t seen that “aftermath” on the fake news networks.

Yes, Biden’s depopulation goons are knocking on doors in America and they’re packing deadly vaccines. Some people have died from the Covid-19 inoculations literally just days after getting jabbed. People are suffering from blood clots in the lungs and brain. Some people are going deaf or blind.


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