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While more and more proof keeps emerging that ‘Covid’ was a long-planned globalist operation to usher in a ‘new world order’, further enslave the free people of America and allow mass mail-in voting fraud across the country to ‘install’ Joe Biden as US president, this new story over at MedicalXPress reports there is growing pressure in place across the planet to make ‘the jab‘ mandatory, putting pressure on so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ worldwide. 

Reporting within that story that a growing number of countries and territories around the world are forcing people to be vaccinated against COVID-19, yup, against their wishes, the leftists favorite phrase while they’ve been murdering their own unborn babies the past several decades, ‘my body, my choice’, is about to take a whole new meaning in America

As Christopher Langan, called ‘the smartest man in the world’ by the mainstream media, recently warned, should such a moment in time as forced vaccinations arrive in America:


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