America’s Frontline Doctors

M-CAM International Innovation Risk Management Chairman Dr. David Martin gives a deposition to attorney Reiner Fuellmich after scrutinizing thousands of patents since the early 2000’s for the SarsCov spike protein injections, naming companies, universities, and major players, including DARPA and government entities.

One cannot patent something found in nature, so they created computer-generated genome sequences claimed to be coronaviruses, patented those man-made sequences, allowing patenting the PCR test sequence to detect their contrived sequence, then allowing patenting the jab, comprised of synthetic lab-made proteins to “treat” the contrived, patented coronavirus, detected by the patented test, to detect the make-believe virus, “and then they poison you.”

According to him, “outbreaks” are merely PCR test fraud looking for made-up patented sequences using the name coronavirus, SARS, etc. They only exist on paper for patent reasons; the real bioweapon is in the jab, not an actual virus circulating the public.


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