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America’s Frontline Doctors Founder Dr. Simone Gold last July personally implored Vice President Mike Pence to advocate a presidential executive order making hydroxychloroquine available for over-the-counter purchase as a means to drop death rates to “near-zero” and incidentally enhance President Donald Trump’s electoral advantage in last November’s elections, it was revealed.

In an interview last week on the Brad Barton Podcast, Dr. Gold expressed “frustration” that President Trump was not given the chance to decide on the move himself, concluding that “it would have changed the outcome of the world.” Dr. Gold also revealed that a draft of the executive order prepared by legal experts was presented to Pence, saying “it’s tragic that the President himself never heard this.”

“When you looked around the world, hydroxychloroquine was over-the-counter in much of the world,” said Dr. Gold. “So I was advocating for making hydroxychloroquine over-the-counter. And I was being, thankfully, put forward in Washington D.C. to talk to more and more people, and I eventually got up to the Vice President of the United States, and we had more than an hour together.


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