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What we say can shape how we think, and what we do. For example, the use of profanity when you stub your toe can actually help ease the pain. Trust the science on this one!

Sadly, the world is far beyond the toe-stubbing stage. But profanity by itself is not the answer. There are other words we should be using daily, words far more powerful and effective for what we face today.

For example, this week, Congressman Thomas Massie repeatedly used two words that we should keep handy, in his video explaining the idiocy of Queen Nancy and her edicts. Tyrant is one of them. Tyrant, and its pal, tyranny, show up a few times in the 1776 Declaration of Independence. People living on the North American continent were kind of frustrated with a distant, elite, grasping monarch and his aggressive Army, drunk on arrogance. The tyranny of King George, in terms of liberty and economy, was mild compared to what Americans have suffered at the hand of their own elected government since the turn of the 20th Century.


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