A New Jersey attorney last week accused Rutgers university officials of sending “false and misleading” communications to students about the university’s COVID-19 vaccine policy.

In a letter to Jay Hoffman, Rutgers senior vice president and general counsel, attorney Julio C. Gomez asked Hoffman to investigate the misleading communications and direct university officials to retract them.

Gomez, a graduate of Rutgers and Rutgers Law School, told Hoffman he wrote the letter on behalf of his two nieces and “about a dozen” other students currently enrolled at the university.

In his letter, Gomez alleged the university is misleading students about the deadline for complying with the vaccine mandate. He refers to Rutgers University Policy 10.3.14, Interim COVID-19 Immunization Record Requirement for Students, which states students are required to present evidence of COVID-19 immunization “at least 2 weeks prior to coming onto campus for any reason, including but not limited to moving into a residence hall, attending campus classes, and/or entering any campus building.”


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