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This is beyond “dumbed down.” The medical shills at CNN, NYT, and WaPo show no bounds anymore. Supposedly, because “public health” is invisible, only “medical experts” like Leana Wen can understand it. From the former president of Planned Parenthood, the business of snuffing out lives of Black babies in the womb comes advice about how public health “becomes visible only in its absence” – as she struggles to say anything that’s actually based on science, especially when it comes to her gobbledygook and balderdash about Covid-19. The story of a struggling immigrant is supposed to tug on your heartstrings when you see this psycho medical tyrant on the cover of Time (the ultimate allopathic shill rag) magazine.

Dr. “L” can’t ever seem to shill enough for pharma, so she spews her blog-style rants on CNN, NYT and WaPo, battling on the front lines with her disinformation like an infectious disease with no cure, just bad advice from a shill who pushes masks, home quarantines, and dirty jabs that make you sicker.


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