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Not only are cloth masks ineffective at stopping the spread of viruses, but the fear-based mask requirements violate individuals’ right to health-risk assessment.

Cathy A. Spigarelli

“It’s sad. I wasted a whole year of my life for this?” This was a text message from my 22-year-old son, who tested positive for COVID. His only symptom? Loss of smell. From the perspective of a healthy 20-something, preventive interventions were far worse than the disease. This illustrates the individual nature of health-risk assessment. Assessing health risk and the measures taken to protect oneself is personal. Yet, protection from COVID-19, in the form of cloth masks, was required for all, even the healthy, low-risk population. Despite an absence of scientific data supporting cloth mask effectiveness, this became the social norm. How could “cloth masks for all” have happened at a time when “follow the science” was touted by every politician, authority figure, and media organization as a worthy battle cry? A retrospective view of the past year provides answers and reveals how individual rights were trampled by masking requirements and baseless mandates emanating from manipulation, fear, confusion, and a lack of information and understanding rather than from actual science. Rather than government making such decisions for people, coercing them to obey with fear, people need to be allowed to make health decisions for themselves. Medical tyranny has no place in the American constitutional republic.


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