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I am not anti-vaxx. I have always been pro-vaxx. I have always taught that vaccination is very, very good. But not this vaccine. This is very, very bad.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Doctors worldwide are speaking out against government lockdowns and vaccine mandates, while being ignored and attacked by the media.

“Unprecedented” is likely the top misused word of the past 18 months, as if mankind had never witnessed a pandemic before, though it is still unclear why in recent years the World Health Organization (WHO) downgraded the definition of “pandemic”to include any worldwide disease, regardless of severity. Nor is this the first time history records unbridled government tyranny that makes our unconditional quarantines look like cakewalks. Consider Communist China, where the Wuhan virus is widely reputed to have originated, and where atrocities such as forced sterilization and abortion, forced labor, and re-education/indoctrination are commonplace.


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