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A bugout trailer, also known as a survival trailer, is an extension of your bugout bag (BOB). It makes it easier to carry extra supplies without the added weight slowing your bugout.

Plus, few preppers dream of having a legitimate bugout location because it’s often out of their budget. A bugout trailer will, at the very least, keep you off the ground and out of tents in a survival situation.

Ideally, a bugout trailer is lightweight and easy to maneuver so that you can easily bring it along when SHTF. If you find that you can only carry so much in your BOB, then you may want to consider building a bugout trailer.

  1. Choose the right-sized trailer
  2. Choose whether to get an open or an enclosed trailer
  3. Determine where to store the trailer
  4. Pack the trailer with survival essentials
  5. Consider adding accessories


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