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In 2007, Sanger left the site and said that it was “broken beyond repair.”

Anyone who has ever looked something up online has probably come across the collaboratively modified encyclopedia Wikipedia. After all, it is the world’s fifth biggest website. While some people may consider it authoritative simply because it is so vast, attracting an estimated 6.1 billion followers each month and making up the most-read work of reference in history, it is so prone to error and bias that many people now simply click right past it and many reasonable teachers won’t accept it as a source for reports. One person who’s especially distrustful of Wikipedia, however, is one of its own co-founders, Larry Sanger.

At first, Wikipedia was written and monitored by a community of volunteers who worked together and raised flags when information was not backed up with facts. This battle of ideas was at the heart of the platform’s original commitment to neutrality. However, times have changed, and it has now become an increasingly biased source, in many cases taking a liberal viewpoint that often comes across as propaganda.


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