The road to making it impossible for children to have access to fresh, nutritious, whole foods at school has been launched with the help of the USDA’s food and nutrition service, which just issued Child Nutrition Labels to plant-based “meats” so they can be included as part of the federal school lunch program.

Fake-meat producer Impossible Foods is the company that managed to get a foot in the door for its ultraprocessed products with pilot projects in California, Washington and Oklahoma.

“Participating schools will feature Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat in dishes including Impossible Street Tacos, Impossible Frito Pie and Spaghetti with Impossible Meat Sauce,” Food Navigator-USA reported. To up the ante for schools willing to try them out, Impossible Foods is giving their meats away to participating schools.

In a press release, Impossible Foods said its goals for taking over the school breakfast and lunch programs are to “displace” at least “half the ground beef kids eat in schools,” thus cutting back on water and land usage and greenhouse gases.

SOURCE: Food Navigator-USA May 6, 2021

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