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In Part 1 of this series, we looked at how vaccine passports create new inequalities in an already fractured society and raise moral dilemmas due to the inconvenient truth of vaccine injury. Still, an important question remains: why is there a pervasive lack of questioning of the dilemmas posed by vaccine passports and the COVID response? Given the magnitude of changes associated with the COVID response and the potential for harm by those changes, one would think there would be greater questioning by the more educated classes and the progressive elements in society. But largely, we have seen the opposite. Members of the working class and the middle class have voiced their dissent, while the professional class acts with complicity and obedience in carrying out the dictums of public health. The latter has been largely silent on the complaints of the former.

Doctors and scientists promote the virtues of the vaccines while minimizing (or outrightly denying) their negatives. Silicon Valley engineers and executives openly participate in and work in conjunction with public health to censor talk of vaccine injuries. Lawyer groups, like the New York Bar, are pushing for mandatory vaccination. Now, the business community is looked to as the primary enforcer of vaccine passports. The media isn’t acknowledging the large power inequality between the professional and working classes, an inequality that has become all the more apparent due to COVID-19 and reaching its apex in the vaccine passport.  


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