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Like innumerable other government-affiliated health officials, Dr. Bonnie Henry reminds me of a trained seal, jumping through hoops, balancing balls on her nose, performing for the public in the great political aquarium where government functionaries swim and frolic.

On April 19, the Vancouver Sun printed an article about the COVID-linked death of an infant under two years old. Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia’s provincial health officer, lamented that the infant’s tragic death “reminds us of the vicious nature of this virus.” The kicker, which Henry failed to mention, is that this was the very first COVID-19 death under the age of 30 in a province with a population of over 5 million.

It turns out it was inside the BC Children’s Hospital that the child caught its infection—“behind the doors of a government institution,” as Julius Ruechel in a monumental study of institutional malfeasance puts it. The vast majority of COVID fatalities, as the study makes indisputably clear, occur within government institutions—care homes, prisons, and hospitals. Moreover, the Sun article points out that the child had serious pre-existing health conditions, which explains why the two-year old was admitted into hospital in the first place.


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