Jeffrey Jaxon

“My understanding from colleagues within the FDA is that the CDC is overwhelmed. They aren’t even processing the data they have. And by the CDC’s own admission, their recent MMWR report on safety in pregnancy, that the V-Safe database, which is the one they hold internal, is so poor that they can’t draw any definitive conclusions about whether or not these vaccines are safe in pregnancy.” 

Dr. Robert Malone

Despite no pregnant women being enrolled in the trials used to obtain an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the mRNA Coivd shots, agency public health ‘experts’ came out the gates in a united front to defend product safety in this biologically-vulnerable group. Looking and sounding more like a religion, ‘experts’ asked populations to sidestep medical ethics to believe in an untested theory without science, research and long term safety studies. 

Fact-checker organizations mindlessly followed suit with ham-fisted censorship campaigns to neutralize anyone daring to investigate or ask basic questions about the safety of these experimental gene therapy products.  

Concern went mainstream after an urgent legal petition dated December 1, 2020 to the European Medicines Agency (EUA) by Dr. Wolfgang Wordarg and Dr. Michael Yeadon. The authors stated, 


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