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Back in 1633 there was a guy named Galileo Galilei who was deemed a nut job by the Catholic Church because of his heretical belief the Earth revolved around the sun. Galileo was sentenced to house arrest and ordered never again to teach his heresy. Centuries later the Church apologized, and Albert Einstein declared Galileo, “the father of modern science.” Fast forward to the 19th century in Eastern Europe and Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian doctor was also terminated and ostracized for his public health teachings—such as the importance of hand-washing. He ended up in an asylum. Or there was Bernard Lown who operated in the 1940s who was expelled from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine but later would be known for investing in the defibrillator, which of course saved countless lives. Most recently one of the nation’s top cardiologists, Dr. Peter McCullough, was before the age of COVID one of the highly respected physicians and investigators known in the field. But he dared to speak out about data anomalies he observed, not only with the lack of support of early care in America but also with looming risk factors associated with the rapidly developed COVID-19 vaccines.

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