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  • Increasingly, people are being required to prove that they’re vaccinated in order to go about their daily lives, while those who are unvaccinated are losing privileges
  • A widely circulated video featured Make-A-Wish Foundation CEO Richard Davis stating that certain wishes would only be granted to vaccinated children and families
  • Backlash ensued and Make-A-Wish backpedaled their statements, stating that unvaccinated children would also be granted wishes
  • In a strange partnership with the White House, dating apps announced that those who are vaccinated will get access to premium content such as “like boosts, super likes, and super swipes” — but only with proof of vaccination
  • Unvaccinated people are also being excluded from certain concert venues and travel, including being prohibited from entering certain pools, restaurants, parties and bars on cruise ships
  • Fortunately, a number of states have enacted laws that ban vaccine passport requirements in order to prevent the creation of a two-tier society based on vaccination status


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