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  • In a July 16, 2021, White House press briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki admitted the Biden administration is violating the First Amendment by alerting social media companies to posts and accounts it believes is peddling “misinformation” about COVID injections
  • This kind of corporate-government collusion to censor free speech is illegal. As noted by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, “The government cannot accomplish through threats of adverse government action what the Constitution prohibits it from doing directly”
  • The Biden Administration wants COVID “misinformants” to be removed from all social media platforms, not just one or two
  • In that same press briefing, Psaki also referred to the COVID shots as “approved,” and having “gone through the gold standard of the FDA approval process.” This is verifiably false. All currently available COVID injections are authorized for emergency use only. None are approved and none have finalized their safety studies
  • The Biden Administration’s call to censor — through public utilities and private companies — anyone who shares information about risks and the lack of benefit of these COVID injections must be rejected on ethical, legal and Constitutional grounds


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