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Alert: High risk for rare blood clots from J&J Covid jab? That can’t be good

When you Google search for anything health-related, you’ll find mostly lies and distortions that work against you. But the ironic part is that when the damage from certain medications or vaccinations is so bad, they have to admit it. The cover-ups lasted as long as possible, and now we see, right out in the open: It’s just the tip of the iceberg of horrific health detriment the Covid vaccines are inflicting, so get ready.

Go ahead and ask Google what the emergency warning signs are of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. Within just 6 to 13 days (that’s less than a week for many people), they become short of breath while suffering SEVERE headaches and abdominal pain. Oh, what could it be? What could be causing this intolerable pain that doesn’t go away? Is this the body’s reaction to something horrible happening inside it? Is the human body trying to purge this newfound poison inside the blood by attacking its own cells?

Let’s ask Google more questions.


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