It’s not on mainstream news, but the stats are beginning to show that the most vaccinated countries in the world are in the middle of a surge of COVID-19 cases. This uncomfortable factoid was pointed out in a Twitter thread July 16, 2021, by none other than Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology.

Complete with color graphs and numbers for a list of Europe’s most vaccinated countries, the thread points out what is impossible to deny: COVID cases are rising through the roof in highly vaccinated countries, including Gibraltar, which boasts a 100% vaccinated rate.

“This is worrying me quite a bit,” Malone tweeted. For the record, Malone is not against the vaccines. He’s just very adamant that full informed consent with risk-benefit analyses be part of the process.

He also has been very verbal in saying that it is a “noble lie” that what he calls “these genetic vaccines” are perfectly safe or the only way to get herd immunity. “Each of these statements are demonstrably false,” he says.


ZeroHedge July 17, 2021

Dr. Robert Malone, Personal Twitter Feed

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