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Chinese Communist Party in Washington DC runs the CDC “guidelines” and all Covid narrative

Tsunamis can cause the depth of a body of water to suddenly change in elevation, like when an earthquake occurs beneath the ocean floor, causing the “sea floor” to abruptly sink or rise. As the tsunami approaches, the water is drawn away from the beach, fooling onlookers that its safe, like a huge sandbar, and this feeds the destruction and decimation caused by the massive wave that’s coming. The majority of deaths associated with tsunamis are related to drowning, and that brings us to the upcoming mass medical “tsunami” engineered using vaccines. It’s fear-based medical genocide, and the people walking right into it (getting Covid vaccines) have no clue what’s coming.

As the pandemic “tide” subsides, all of the sheeple have walked way out in “wonder” by getting vaccinated with technology that causes trillions of microscopic blood clots. These vaccine victims have no clue there’s a tidal wave of health decimation on its way, and it’s too late to run or “escape to high ground.”


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