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Mass psychosis and government subservience continues to plague the world as cult-like germaphobia, hypochondria and permission-seeking behavior becomes the norm. The United Kingdom is self-destructing with this government-enforced mental illness, as mass obedience to covid-19 swabs and idiotic NHS contact tracing apps cause staff shortages across every industry, including critical infrastructure jobs, medical care, public transportation and food production plants.

Every week now, hundreds of thousands of people are being “pinged” by the NHS Covid Tracer app on their smartphone. Most are complying with the app’s isolation demands and the government’s 14-day “quarantine.” This mass compliance to fraudulent quarantines has led to new shutdowns at factories, bank branches, pubs and bus terminals, with staff shortages happening in every industry. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, up to 57 percent of human resource officers have reported staff shortages across the UK. About one fifth of the workforce is in isolation. This “pingdemic” chaos is leading to supply chain disruptions and empty supermarket shelves.


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