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It is common practice for patients to request a second opinion before submitting to any medical treatment. Yet in the age of Covid only one opinion appears to count at all. This approach flies in the face of sound science.

On Tuesday, the top headlines on the Drudge Report, a popular US news aggregate for trumpeting the liberal party line, captured the full spirit of the ‘new normal’, which the doomsayers fear is snowballing into nothing less than a totalitarian police state:

And so on, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Each passing day brings more of the same five-alarm articles about why people should get the jab, wear a mask, remain at home, even avoid casual conversation with their neighbors. At the same time, the media duly sugarcoats the grim prospect of a joyless bureaucratic future when a ‘vaccine passport’ will be required for performing the most mundane activities – shopping, traveling, attending a sporting event or concert – that we all took happily for granted in the ‘old normal’.

Conspicuous by their absence from the news headlines, however, is any sign of opposing voices to the official medical narrative. And that is no accident. Any doctor, activist or health organization that merely hints at an alternative method for tackling the pandemic is smacked down as a quack and dispatched to the sleek new version of Solzhenitsyn’s ‘gulag archipelago’. These are banishment from social media, news media and polite society. In a word, disappeared.

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