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From telescopes to the printing press, we’ve seen technology merge with science to provide some of the most useful tools humans have ever seen. Now, with the internet and high tech software, organizing knowledge, spreading the news of it, and creating massive databases breaking into new frontiers, there is unlimited potential. But with knowledge comes power, and with power comes the rich vultures, hungry for control. That brings us to the science of prescription medicine and vaccines. This is not good.

Today, most science that the populace is aware of and can access is paid for by Big Pharma. It’s manipulated, twisted, distorted and falsified for end-goal results. More often than not, the “science” that the pharmaceutical world and vaccine industrial complex presents is never verified by any other entities of science and research. No other organizations are allowed to even work with the same ingredients to find out if the tests, clinical trials and “peer-reviewed” research is even legitimate.


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