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Over 200 Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital workers have been suspended for walking off the job Monday, June 7, 2021, in protest of the hospital’s mandated COVID-19 vaccine policy.

The protesters had been warned in advance if they weren’t vaccinated by June 7, they would be suspended; employees walked off the job in response. Local ABC news station KTRK reported that supporters, including employees from the hospital’s branches, met them with “cheers and rounds of applause.”

A nurse who led the walkout, Jennifer Bridges, told the press, “If we don’t stop this now and do some kind of change, everybody’s just going to topple. It’s going to create a domino effect. Everybody across the nation is going to be forced to get things into their body that they don’t want and that’s not right.”

Walkout participants were put on a two-week, unpaid suspension. If they don’t comply by June 21, they’re fired, The New York Times said.


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