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Anaphylaxis can happen when a human is injected with toxins that cause them to experience a dangerously low pulse and go into life-threatening shock

From the sound of it, vaccines are like biological weapons that destroy human health and should all be completely banned until proven safe and effective by multiple independent labs running vigorous tests and extensive clinical trials. Within hours and days of being injected with harmful substances, recombinant DNA, mRNA and genetically mutated viruses, human beings, including babies and children, are being assaulted, maimed and killed by vaccines that are dirty and dangerous.

The following injuries, adverse events, and “side effects” of toxic injections provide a clear look at the dangers of vaccination before these Covid shots ever hit the market, and then a closer look at the carnage (disability and death) since they’ve been jabbed into hundreds of millions of arms around the globe, including about 150 million US sheeple.


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