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A Fair Lawn woman has died after catching Covid-19, despite being fully vaccinated. Joan Barrows, 62, of Fair Lawn, New Jersey was a lung transplant recipient who was determined to make it through the pandemic. She wore masks, gloves, and kept her family and friends at a distance to stay safe. She refused to attend family events and even spent holidays alone.

The 62-year-old received a new lung in 2010 and already had a strict regimen that included multiple medications daily to prevent post-transplant rejection. When the Covid-19 vaccine rollout began, Joan made an appointment and received both doses of the Moderna jab. Despite being vaccinated, Joan ended up catching Covid and became a “rare” breakthrough case, unfortunately becoming seriously ill, where she was then hospitalised and eventually passed away.

On May 15th, Joan ended up dying, and her death was listed as a rare breakthrough case of Covid-19 after full vaccination. Her family blame an unvaccinated person for the death of Joan and are now lashing out at those who do not get vaccinated.


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