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FDA expects to authorize COVID vaccines for kids under 12 this winter

Not content to stop at convincing large segments of the world’s adult population to inject themselves with an experimental vaccine, Big Pharma is now trying to push COVID-19 shots on children. In a virtual symposium with Johns Hopkins University earlier this month, an executive from Pfizer said that the firm is hoping its experimental mRNA shot will be administered to children as young as five this fall. They have also said they want to release a COVID booster shot soon to offer additional protection against the delta variant of the virus, even as the CDC maintains that it is not necessary.

Although Pfizer may be eager to get its jabs into children’s arms, medical experts take the opposite view, urging caution when it comes to COVID injections for children. Earlier this month, a team of researchers and professors in fields such as medical ethics, law, pediatric immunity and infection, philosophy and palliative care medicine sent a letter to the BMJ outlining their concerns about the global push to give these shots to children. They believe that the rollout needs to be delayed because, in their words, “the net benefit of vaccinating children is unclear.”


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