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Google’s Eric Schmidt is not merely a participant in the pandemic industrial complex, but a major driver of the emerging infectious disease industry, a force more powerful and influential than any other person we’ve inducted into the Gain-of-Function Hall of Shame, including Bill Gates

In 2008, launched Predict & Prevent with $30 million in funding for virus hunting and gain-of-function experiments. In 2009, this became USAID’s PREDICT program, a government funding juggernaut of hundreds of millions of dollars for virus research around the world, including in Yunnan, China.

In 2012, the PREDICT Consortium, including Metabiota, a for-profit company that Google Ventures funds and partners with, was near Kunming in Yunnan, China, virus hunting with the Wuhan Institute of Virology when the WIV found RaTG13, the closest known relative of SARS-CoV-2. They say the virus came from bats, but around the same time the WIV secretly took samples from six men who ended up in a Kunming hospital with a SARS-like illness after cleaning bat guano from an abandoned mine.


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