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“…the actual number of adverse reactions could be anywhere between 9.7 million and 97 million, whilst the number of deaths could be anywhere between 13.5 thousand and 135 thousand.”

The UK Government / MHRA have released their 21st update on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines which have been reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme, and we’re left wondering whether the police will start to stand up and take notice of the shocking number and severity of adverse reactions being suffered now that a retired police officer has made a criminal complaint to the police with the support of Dr Tess Lawrie and lawyer Clare Wills Harrison.

The MHRA Yellow Card scheme has been collecting reports on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines since the 9th December 2020, the day after the Pfizer jab was first administered in the UK under the emergency use authorisation it has been granted by the MHRA.


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