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Spike proteins from Covid vaccines are like a poisonous snake’s venom – toxic nanoparticles that cause tissue damage

S.D. Wells

Snake oil is the term people use for deceptive marketing of products, especially having to do with fraudulent health care. Vaccines are concoctions made in laboratories that contain deadly antigens and pathogens, often causing much more severe health damage and death than whatever virus they are supposed to protect against. All snake oil vaccines come with the exact same propaganda that says they have been tested and proven “safe and effective,” but no scientific proof of this is ever provided.

In fact, just the opposite has been proven, especially when it comes to Covid vaccines, that have killed more people in less than one year than all vaccines combined dating back to the fake, fraudulent, snake oil Polio jab. Guess who wins the top “sales award” every year for revving up the fear-based propaganda to sell vaccines, and now give them away for free, because they’re so toxic? You guessed it right–the CDC.


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