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How will the insidious vaccine industrial complex “stop the bleeding” from this already epidemic-sized atrocity of mRNA technology in inoculations that’s proving to cause human blood to clot in the brain and lungs? The mass media (fake news) that’s been teamed up with Big Pharma for decades, is playing “catch and release” with the blood clot epidemic, covering the carnage with a very light, informative tone and then reiterating the LIE that catching Covid is “much more dangerous” and has a higher likelihood of death than getting the vaccines. Sure.

The only problem with that pre-scripted propaganda is that science has already proven them all wrong. Covid only has a .04 death factor on average, and for people under 25 it’s about 0.00. So the CDC is holding an “emergency meeting” to figure out the best ways to script this “catch and release” public disinformation campaign, which is actually their forte


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