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This week’s McCullough Report has some wonderful excerpts from Tucker Carlson’s FoxNation interview with Dr. Peter McCullough on the COVID-19 pandemic and crisis response. Tucker seemed genuinely surprised at the relatively simple but large oblivion on early medical therapy for COVID-19. How could our public health agency staffers have overlooked such a huge and vital component to any pandemic response? How could they have let so many patients suffer to the point of asphyxia and hospitalization? 

Tucker Carlson came to understand that this has not been an error of omission, but a very intentional, suppression of compassionate care to patients to prepare the population for mass vaccination.

We lead off with our first guest Dr. David Scheim, Ph.D., who is a brilliant former NIH scientist who has been a key worldwide driver on the use of ivermectin, an intracellular anti-infective drug, against COVID-19. David has linked countries in South America and Mexico to the US and Japan in his efforts to study the use of this drug in both prophylaxis and acute treatment.


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