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America was built on advertising. Nearly every popular product today is promoted on television, in magazines, on billboards or on the internet by companies and corporations that pay millions of dollars for marketing ads. The people who own and run those lavishly rich companies and corporations make a fortune off customers in two ways. The first way, everyone understands, and that’s profit from product sales. The second way, hardly any Americans understand, including about 200 million people or so. That fortune is made off consumers getting sick from the products they’re sold, and we’re not just talking about food. So how do they accomplish that?

Cheap, toxic products sell very well in America, though they don’t make the sellers as much money as you might think. So then they invest in chronic sick care medicine and machinery because they know that after Americans buy all these cheap, toxic products and use them for years on end, they become chronically sick and run to the doctors and hospitals. Diagnostic equipment that’s used for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, strokes, autism and so on, those machines make companies billions and billions of dollars every year. Are you following the bouncing ball?

Pay attention to almost all major advertising campaigns you see on television for food, medicine or personal care products (including makeup, lotions, antiperspirants, toothpaste).


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