Here is the email that I received (interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, it was in my spam folder)

America’s Frontline Doctors website was deleted from the Internet by Amazon.If you didn’t know, many top websites and services, such as Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and thousands of others, are hosted on Amazon’s Internet servers.So it came as a surprise when AFLDS received notice from Amazon that they were deleting our website–and that they were giving us less than 4 days to get it off of their server before deleting it from the Internet forever.Here’s a screenshot of the email we received from Amazon:
Our team frantically worked around the clock to rebuild our website from scratch while utilizing servers around the world at great expense to our AFLDS team.We were forced to take immediate action because we will never allow Jeff Bezos and Amazon to censor us from speaking freely about medical treatments, medical studies, individual liberty, or challenging the government narrative surrounding COVID-19 vaccines.The reason I am writing you is to ask for your support to keep our Internet presence going–and growing.If you are able, please let AFLDS hear from you today. Your tax-deductible donation of $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1500 will be a godsend.Amazon’s motives are suspect, as they are closely aligned with the Biden Administration due to massive government contracts. These contracts are worth billions, yet Amazon pays almost no corporate taxes.Jeff Bezos and Amazon cannot argue with our scientific data and facts, so they would rather delete us entirely.We have already been blacklisted on social media, and cannot host videos on YouTube. We must build our own internet servers that cannot be silenced by Big Tech, Big Pharma, or Big Government.

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