[A] conversation between John-Michael Dumais and Paul Kervick delves into the current topic of medical mandates and the friction of emergent worldviews or timelines, one moving towards fear and control, the other towards love and freedom. We ask the question, how can we as sovereign beings stand up for the best benefit of all, especially when we perceive that others’ well-being may be under attack? What is the limit of responsibility in being my “brother/sister’s keeper”? How do love and peace enter into the exchange with others, whether loved ones or apparent detractors, in the midst of life- and world-changing decisions that can easily trap us in the world of duality and reaction? The invitation here is to remember and reinhabit the simplicity and essential power of the heart as a basis for all other interactions. Easier said than done in these times, yet all the more urgent for that very reason.

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