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When disaster strikes, you never know when you’ll need to drop everything and evacuate as quickly as possible. In those moments, you can’t be rummaging through cupboards still packing supplies. In a true bugout situation, leaving your current location and getting to a safe zone should be your top priority.

Doing that will be easier if you already have a pre-packed bugout bag (BOB) ready to go. Ideally, it should have only the essentials so that when disaster strikes, all you need to do is grab your bag and run.

Here are seven good reasons to own a BOB: (h/t to

  1. You can evacuate in case of wildfires
  2. You can escape flash floods
  3. You can get to high ground before a tsunami strikes
  4. You can evacuate before a hurricane strikes
  5. You can survive long-term power outages
  6. You can flee in case of riots or civil unrest
  7. You’ll learn what’s essential


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