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  1. 5522 deaths from the ‘vaccine’ in Scotland within a month? How can that be true? I want to believe it- if that doesn’t sound callous – but where’s the evidence??

  2. What a great question…’where is the evidence?’ There are reporting systems where loved ones, injured ones and medical providers can report deaths due to the jab or at least following the jab. The report itself is evidence…to provide stronger evidence government officials should be taking an abundance of caution and thoroughly researching/documenting and performing autopsies to determine cause of death. Is this being done? I doubt it as I see ample evidence to the contrary. What I see happening in the US is a lot of ignoring/downplaying by the authorities in charge…I suspect it’s the same thing world wide. We do know that the VAERS (early warning system in US) is currently reporting an outrageous number of deaths at over 11,000 following the jab…this should be enough for the whole thing to be halted until the proper/thorough research is carried out…that would be the ethical or morally correct thing to do. Yet it continues and more and more organizations are mandating them. We should all be outraged by this…

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