COVID-19 vaccines never should have received Emergency Use Authorization status for use on children and the young, according to an opinion article written in TrialSite News by Abir Ballan, coordinator of PANDA (Pandemic Data and Analytics). Serious adverse events and deaths following the vaccine are being reported in the young, while Big Pharma enjoys complete indemnity from liability, Ballan writes.

Ballan lists 10 reasons why young people should NOT get the COVID vaccination:

  1. Children infected with coronavirus have been shown to be asymptomatic and are at a near zero risk of death from COVID-19.
  2. An unusually high rate of reported adverse events, especially myocarditis, and deaths following the COVID-19 vaccines are more common in the young.
  3. Medium and long-term side effects of vaccines are still unknown.
  4. There’s a high potential risk versus no benefit for the young.
  5. Transmission of COVID from children to adults is minimal.
  6. Putting children at risk to protect adults is unethical.
  7. Preventive treatments, as well as COVID-19 vaccines, are available to high-risk individuals so they can protect themselves.
  8. Natural immunity is more effective and safer for children than vaccine immunity. 
  9. Effective treatments and preventive protocols are available to children with comorbidities. 
  10. Vaccinating the young is not necessary for herd immunity.

SOURCE: Trial Site News June 26, 2021

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