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Imagine you are in North Korea and you see a classroom full of children pledging their allegiance and loyalty to their supreme ruler, Kim Jung Un. You may think that is pretty weird and think it is part of some propaganda and manipulation scheme to get children to start pledging their loyalty to the top leader of their country at a young age, which is considered as a form of patriotism in totalitarian countries. However, a similar phenomenon happens in America also, although it is not practiced to show their loyalty to any top leader. For 12 years, at the beginning of the school day, almost every kid in the US states the pledge of allegiance while holding their right hand to their heart and facing the flag. This is a form of propaganda we just do not realize, we do not see this as weird but we see it as weird when we see citizens of another country do something similar. Propaganda can be everywhere in someone’s everyday life in addition to those in advertisements and news. Propaganda plays an important part in our everyday lives and it takes different forms. The book, “1984”, by George Orwell, portrays a great example of what a dystopian, totalitarian government can do with propaganda.

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